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Oral piercing aftercare

All piercing services are done using high quality, implant grade jewelry.

If you are having a piercing placed on any area of your lip, please refer to the Body Piercing Aftercare guide for suggestions on how to clean the outside portion of your piercing.

What to expect:

  • Mild to moderate swelling
  • You will be pierced with a slightly longer piece of jewelry to accommodate for swelling. We suggest you come back after 2-3 weeks to have a piercer downsize the post. A second downsize may be desired after a couple of months when the piercing is fully healed
  • Slight bruising, bleeding, discharge
  • Slight redness and mild discomfort

During the first 6-8 weeks:

  • Leave your jewelry in at all times. Do not remove it without the help of a piercer to avoid irritation.
  • Do not touch your jewelry unnecessarily, however once a day with clean, washed hands, check the barbell balls for tightness. (Holding the bottom ball or inside disc, turn the top or outside ball clockwise- you are not twisting the jewelry in the piercing, just tightening the ends)
  • Brush your teeth, tongue and jewelry regularly (it's a good idea to get a new toothbrush after your piercing). Use a regular toothpaste rather than a whitening one
  • Drink plenty of ice water. Staying hydrated will help keep the swelling down while regularly rinsing your mouth out.
  • After anything you eat/drink/smoke, brush your teeth or rinse your mouth out with clean water followed by a capful of PurRinse Oral Rinse; a piercing aftercare rinse developed by body artists specifically for body piercing.
What to Avoid:
  • Oral contact with foreign objects or other people. Do not chew on pens, fingernails, etc
  • Commercial mouthwash (including alcohol free), peroxide or whitening toothpastes as they can cause irritation from the chemicals in the ingredients.
  • It is best to avoid caffeine and alcohol for the first 1-2 weeks as they can dehydrate you and can cause excessive swelling. If you drink either, be sure to drink water immediately after to keep hydrated and rinse with NaturalOralRinse to cleanse.
  • Trauma such as excessive flexing or movement of the area pierced during eating, talking, etc. Take small bites of food, chew carefully and avoid yelling.
  • Changing the jewelry to low quality costume jewelry with external threading can cause damage and irritation to the piercing. If you would like implant grade jewelry in different styles, talk to our staff about options.
  • Do not share jewelry with friends to avoid transmission of disease.

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